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How Much Caramel Do We Make??

People often ask, "how many pounds of candy do you make in a year?"

And my answer is usually, honestly, just a guess because I deal more in pieces during production (#per tray = #/bags) than pounds, although we package by weight....

But a year ago, we did run the calculations to determine how many pieces are in a regular batch of caramel (approximately 70#). The breakdown went something like this:

      70# = 6 slabs = 25 strips each = 19 pieces per strips = 2,850 pieces per batch

So the next thought was "how many total batches/pieces do we make in a year?? Now, we have a fairly good idea based on sales, but we decided to really keep a detailed tracking of the number of batches and pieces ~ I mean, surely this is a Guiness Book of World Records that we would qualify for, right???


So, as promised, here's the year's total.....drum roll, please!

To date, from one year ago, I have made 44 batches of caramel...... Hhmmmm.....not too impressive; but wait!!

That is a total of 264 slabs.... Ok, still not so impressive....

But, each slab cuts into 25 strips = 6,600.           Now we're getting somewhere. 

And each strip cuts into 19 pieces..... Oh yah....

                    ...... that's 125,400 individual pieces

                                                                                    ...... 3,080 pounds of caramel

No wonder my hands and wrists were sore - but not too worry, because Wertheim's Gardens Sore Muscle Salve more than eased the pain. Like how I brought in the Medicinal Salves we have available for purchase, lol 😉

So folks, if you haven't tried one of the 125,400 pieces of caramel (dipped in milk chocolate or dark chocolate; sea salt, or wrapped), you are missing out!! Because with the exception of a few hundred pieces currently available at our fine retail locations, they've already been enjoyed by folks far and wide.

Stop by soon and get in on this yummy goodness!!

Holiday Shop Hours:

Monday - Saturday, 9 am to 4 pm
Sundays, 1 to 4 pm

And I'll keep you posted on the Guinness World Record, lol 

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