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Wertheim’s Gardens & RGW Candy Company

2023 Down On The Farm
Summer Camp Line-up 


Held on our 6-acre farm, our Gardening Series of Camps will allow the campers will learn about nature, growing their own food, harnessing the power of herbs, and be creative using only what nature offers; and our Candy/Baking Camps will take the campers into our certified kitchen and teach them the secret behind making great tasting food that is actually good for them.

Camp Age Group: 4th – 8th Grades and are LIMITED to 6 - 8 participants per session.


Camps for 2023 are ALL NEW and will be HALF DAY CAMPS ONLY, 1 PM - 4 PM




       * Miniature Week - taking full size categories and shrinking them down to kid-friendly size edibles and crafting


       * Gardening Week - either using ingredients to create fun, yummy recipes, or creating crafts to display and enhance

                                           their gardens at home


       * Candy Week- it's going to be a "sugar-high" kind of week as the campers learn how to use sugar in new and

                                   yummy, yet nutritious ways.


NOTE: campers will be IN nature and in our culinary kitchen so all possible allergens are present, ie grasses, pollen, bees, nuts, dairy, etc. If you as a parent/guardian/grandparent feel there is a possible issue, please, for safety concerns, do not sign up your camper for attendance.





~ Miniature Gardens – Campers will create miniature garden “scenes” or sculptures using materials foraged from the herbal farm, along with using the process of alcohol inks for decorative purposes. Two different miniature creations will be completed to take home.    8 campers max


~ Pop Tarts & Mini Hand Pies – It’s out to the Gardens for ingredients to make their own Pop Tarts and Hand Pies. YUM! A minimum of 4 pop tarts and mini hand pies will be made to take home.    6 campers max


~ ID Art – Thumbprint & Flower Art made easy. Using different materials from the Gardens to create the colorings and base materials, the campers will make a pendant, ornament and bracelet to take home (time dependent).    8 campers max


~ Mug Cakes – completing our miniature week, campers will learn how to convert full cake recipes to “mug” size recipes.  A minimum 4 mug cakes will be made to take with them.    6 campers max



~ Poppin’ Pasta – We’re taking pasta to a whole new creative level. Using different herbs and vegetables, the campers will make several different pasta, then combine them to make pasta that not only tastes amazing, but is almost an art form. Depending on the number of campers/time 2 – 5 pasta will be made to take home for cooking at a later date.  6 campers max


~ Garden Art I – Using the plethora of extra pottery, vases, cups, sauces and bowls that we have, the campers will repurpose these items to make a Garden Statue/Bird Bath for display and use in their own gardens.   8 campers max


~ Garden Art II – Using other donated and saved items, the campers will repurpose these items to create garden art to display in their gardens, on fencing, etc. Possible creatures would include dragonflys, windmills, suncatchers, etc.                  8 campers max.


~ Twisted Tie Dye –Making their own dyes using materials found in the Gardens, campers will learn European methods involving water baths, fire & ice. A minimum 2 - 6 items including t-shirt, coasters, mugs, etc will be made as they learn to perfect their craft.    8 campers max





~ Bubble Yum - Using flavors from the Gardens, campers will learn how easy it is to make their own bubble gum.                 6 campers max


~ Gummy Fun – From gummy bears to gummy snakes and all sorts of designs in between, campers will make a healthier gummy to enjoy.    6 campers max


~ Star Burst – taking saltwater taffy to a whole new level, our version of star burst candies will be made. 6 campers max


~ Jolly Poppin’ – “Pop Rocks” and “Jolly Ranchers” lollies will be the final candy camp as the campers learn to work with liquid sugar at the hard crack stage.   6 campers max

Event Tickets

are available on our CAMP TICKETS page/tab

Sign-up On the Farm ~


For those not comfortable signing up online, you may call to book your date(s) for your camper @ 309-830-4361


Office hours are: Monday - Saturday, 9 AM - 4 PM; Sundays, 1 PM - 4 PM.

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