Wertheim’s  Gardens & RGW Candy Company

2021 Down On The Farm

Summer Camp Line-up

Held on our 6 acre farm, our Gardening Series of Camps will allow the campers will learn about nature, growing their own food, harnessing the power of herbs, and be creative using only what nature offers; and our Candy Camps will take the campers into our certified kitchen and teach them the secret behind making great candies.

All Camps are for 4th – 8th Grades and are LIMITED to 8 participants per session. Unless otherwise stated, all camps are from 1 PM - 4 PM.  All-Day camps are 9 AM - 4 PM with a sack lunch required to be brought.


Based on feedback from 2020, we have restructured our classes for One & Two day camps only. Campers do not have to attend “Camp I” to attend Camp II or III.  If a camp fills up quickly, and we have a waiting list, we may add another session.

Each camp will be offered one time in June; and then repeated again in July..... and Yes, campers can attend both sessions if they wish. :)

NOTE: participants will be IN nature and in our culinary kitchen so all possible allergens are present, ie grasses, pollen, bees, nuts, dairy, etc. If you as a parent/guardian/grandparent feel there is a possible issue, please, for safety concerns, do not sign up your camper for attendance.

Art In the Garden I – Fairy Gardening + - Everyone deserves a home and the campers will do just that when making a Home and Gardens for their Fairy, and creating a Birdhouse from just a gourd. This is a two-day camp due to the steps involved in creating the perfect shelters.

                       June 7 or July 5                     Duration: All Day Camp               Cost: $50              


Art In the Garden II - Garden Sculptures – foraging on the Farm, campers will gather the supplies needed to make their own garden sculptures.

                       June 14 or July 12                 Duration: 1 day                             Cost: $30    


Art in the Garden III – Tie Dye Days – after gathering the needed supplies, the campers will cook their own dyes for t-shirts and learn how to steam a T-shirt using fresh products. Two shirts will be created using all-natural products found in the Gardens.

                       June 21 or July 19                  Duration: All Day Camp              Cost: $50      


Candy Camp I – Learn the basics of candy making from tempering the chocolate, molding chocolate and dipping candies for a yummy treat.

                       June 11 or July 9                     Duration: 1 day                           Cost: $30              


Candy Camp II – Moving beyond the basics, learn how to make butter creams, salt-water taffy and our specialty brittles.

                       June 18 or July 16                 Duration: 1 day                            Cost: $30              


Candy Camp III – taking it to a whole new level, Sugar Art it the most challenging of them all. Do you have what it takes to pull and stretch your imagination?

                      June 25 or July 23                   Duration: 1 day                            Cost: $30            


Chemistry In the Kitchen – Salves, Lotions, & Lip Balms. Learn how use home grown herbs to make your own organic products.            

                      June 9 or July 7                       Duration: 1 day                            Cost: $35     


Crumpets, Cookies & Tea – some of the most delicious cookies and crumpets are made with fresh herbs; and the campers will learn what to look for as they harvest the herbs and mix up our secret recipes for yummy herbal treats. Finishing the day off with some herbal tea the campers mix themselves will make for a fun herbal party for all.

                      June 23 or July 21                  Duration: 1 day                             Cost: $30      


Flour Power I – Pie Day – It’s out to the gardens for ingredients to make mini pies of many flavors. Sweet, Savory, and unusual…. YUM! A minimum of 4 pies will be sent home with the students.

                      June 22 or July 20                  Duration: 1 day                             Cost: $30           


Flour Power II – Bread Day – learn the bread basics, then create a sweet or savory creation using ingredients from the Gardens and our favorite bread base. A minimum two breads will be made for taking home along with several herb butters.

                    June 24 or July 22                     Duration: 1 days                            Cost: $30          


Mama Mia! Pasta 101 - Gathering Herbs from the Gardens, campers will roll their own pasta noodles, cook & debone a chicken and make Homemade Chicken and Noodles for the whole family to enjoy! This is the first in the series of Make and Take Dinner Classes.

                   June 8 or July 6                          Duration: 1 day                                Cost: $30         


Mama Mia! Pasta 102 – Heading to Gardens, campers will gather ingredients for their homemade lasagna noodles & sauce.  This is the second in the series of Make and Take Dinner Classes.

                    June 10 or July 8                       Duration: 1 day                                Cost: $30       


Mama Mia! Pasta 103 – Let’s get creative with our Pasta and make different flavors of Tortellini and fillings. And of course, we can’t forget the sauce! This is the third in the series of Make and Take Dinner Classes.

                     June 15 or July 13                   Duration: 1 day                                Cost: $30        


Mama Mia! Pasta 104 – Wow!! We’re going for it as we make different flavors, textures, and pastas (Farfalle, Fusilli, Gemelli, & Shells). This is NOT a Make and Take Dinner Class, but the campers will take home their handmade pastas for a later meal to be enjoyed at home.

                      June 17 or July 15                  Duration: 1 day                               Cost: $30      


Nature’s Goodies – Learn all about herb and veggies in our Culinary & Educational Gardens; then using nature’s own goodies, campers will make their own pesto, herbal slushies and crunchy healthy snacks.

                     June 16 or July 14                  Duration: 1 day                                Cost: $30              

Event Tickets

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For those not comfortable signing up online, we have created a paper version for registration. However, should a class be filled by online enrollment before the paper registration is received, the online enrollment takes priority.


This form can be mailed with payment (check made out to Wertheim Enterprises, Inc) or you may bring it to our Retail Shop (cash or check accepted) during business hours.


NOTE: we will not be open until 12 Noon today, 4/1, as we have deliveries to make.

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