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Our story . . .


. . . our Hobby became our Business

Our confectionery business was only ever intended to be a hobby that endeavored to sell enough candy each holiday season to cover most of the expenses incurred, but with most good stories, that’s not exactly how it all began . . . or where it ends . . .

In the 1920’s and early 1930’s two brothers, David & Bob Wertheim, were quite well known around central Illinois for being confectioner’s of new & delightfully tasty candies.  They began their adventures in the Central IL town of Lincoln, and did so well, they soon moved to the “big” city of Peoria, IL and opened a full-scale candy shop. Unfortunately, about 1934, they had a falling out of sorts over a young lady, Nancy Hoblit, from Atlanta, IL; and although the two brothers would go their separate ways, David to the state of Washington, & Bob to Atlanta to marry his sweetheart, both continued to dabble in candy making.

Over the years a little equipment was accumulated and my father, Tom, was captured as a young boy to help during the Christmas season packing the few candy boxes they made for gifts and to sell. Neither my grandfather nor my father had any formal knowledge of modern candy making, and as a result relied on a book written in 1908 by a confectioner in a nearby city. It became clear to them that their candies were different, and not just because they tasted better than most… but by only using only what is necessary they had a candy that didn’t keep as well, but it certainly made one that tasted great!

It was in 1948, that my grandfather Robert G (Bob) Wertheim officially started his candy business, but at the time called it “Bob’s Candies”; it was only after a notification from another company of the same name, and the same town, but from a different state claimed the name, that the company was changed to R.G.W. Candy Company.

After my grandfather’s death in 1977, my father, Tom Wertheim, continued to dabble in the candy “business”, but really only made just enough for family and friends at Christmas.  By the mid-1980’s, the farming recession was hitting full force and our business of grain farming had sickened, so we decided to change our “hobby” into a business and our business into a hobby.

Amy (3rd generation) joined the candy company full time in 2014 and took over as the primary confectioner in 2016 when Tom became ill.  We are very proud to say we still only make candies from the simple ingredients ~ no preservatives, no flavorings, or modern chemistry. We offer you “regular old candy” the way it was always meant to be made, hand-made & hand-dipped especially for you.

We hope you enjoy!


Amy, 18 mo. learning to dip with her Grandfather, 1968

Bob dipping creams circa 1950's.

Note ~ health standards where a little more lax back then.  

Tom stirring up some toffee,

circa 1970's ~ health 

standards were still, well



Connie & Nic pulling brittle,

Christmas 1997

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